The Southampton Dellivery Podcast doesn’t have advertisements or any official sponsorship. It is made possible by the support of some fantastic partners and patrons.

Southampton Page

The Southampton Page is the official partner page of the podcast. Jay and the rest of the team do a fantastic job of bringing news, humor, and analysis to fans across a range of social media platforms, Instagram being the most popular. We work together every week to bring you matchday artwork and coverage, and you can often hear their voices on the weekly episodes.

Truthfully, this show wouldn’t reach nearly a many people as it does if it weren’t for Jay and the rest of the team at the Southampton Page.

Give them a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

WAS Logo.png

We Are Southampton

The WeAreSouthampton Page on Instagram has, for a long time, been one of my favorite pages on the platform. It was one of the few Saints’ pages I followed before the podcast was even a thought. Matt Beling, the man behind the page and who now works for the club in the graphics/media department, has a been a huge help to the show. He designed the show logo, has given feedback and has appeared on the show numerous times. He’s also been kind enough to help me with graphics and other imagery over the years.

If you don’t follow the page, you should. He’s on Instagram @wearesouthampton



I’ve made the decision not to include sponsors or ads on the show. This is partially because I’m against pushing things to you (listeners) that might not add anything to your life.

Most guests will talk about their pages, profiles, writing, websites, or YouTube channels, which may contain additional ads on them, but this show itself is run completely on passion for the club, shots of espresso, and contributions from a community of supporters on

Supporters of the show get access to a member only chat and have priority for getting their questions answered each week on the show. $5.00/month patrons also get an extra, bonus episode not available anywhere else. If you are interested in supporting the show, you can visit the Patreon site here.