Ep. 113- Who Needs A Friend? With Rob Maddox

Spurs played with 12 men and should have finished with 10. Saints saw their substitute striker go off injured after about 20 minutes and managed to get two goals without a recognizable center forward on the pitch. That was thanks to a teenage right back and the fantastic right foot of an academy product. Rob Maddox, photographer out of Bath, joins me to break it down.

Ep. 103- An American Living in London and Working in World Football: My Conversation with Chris Macchi

A few week’s ago I had the opportunity to chat with Chris Macchi, someone I’ve wanted to chat with for a long time. Chris grew up moving around America, and soccer (football) played a huge role in connecting him to people everywhere he went. He’s now in London, and he’s still doing just that. It’s a long conversation about his journey to where he’s at now, and how football can play a role in bringing us all together, no matter where we are.