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Ep. 128- Celebrating 10 Years of League 1 Minus 10, with Glen de la Cour

Glen de la Cour started 10 seasons ago. In that time we’ve risen through the leagues, won the JPT, gone to Europe, and been blessed with over 460 colorfully constructed posts about Saints. It’s always a pleasure to read, and Glen has always been helpful, kind and generous. It’s a pleasure to have him on the show to look back at his time writing the blog and to discuss what’s happening with Saints right now.

Ep. 119- Tickets to ToonTown, with Aydin Osman

Season tickets are an essential part any sporting entity. The fans that are there, week in and week out, pay (sometimes) ridiculous prices to support their teams. But prices don’t always reflect what you are getting in return. Season ticket prices are often set a year in advance and there is little guarantee the product will match what you are paying for. There are a lot that goes into season ticketing and it was a pleasure to chat with Aydin Osman about his research into season ticket prices and the impact it has on attendances and engagement in fans. That’s what we have this week.